Photo by Pablo Lloreda


Discovering Treasure (AMJ Artistic Reel with Original Music)

Blizzcon Talent Competition w/original music

Teatro Martini

Full Act on Silks

Photographed by Pablo Lloreda


Music and Media Performances

Character Acting and Performances

Yakuta Photographed by Pablo Lloreda

The Queen Mary's Dark Harbor

Beezlebabe photographed by Marni Imagery

Beezlebabe's theme song, "The Beez" an original composition.

Beezlebabe's silks act at the Queen Mary's Dark Harbor

The Earth Harp Collective

Photographed by Clark Scott

Photographed by Richard Sooy

Photographed by Eric Anderson

Dangerous D's Shock Show

Photographed by Perry Gallagher


Lucent Dossier

Photographed by Phil Holland

Fire N Ice Entertainment

Photographed by Steve Wiley